Episode 1: Kyle and Brodie




Photo: Alejandra Pavez


Kyle takes great pride in his job at the Glendale Golf & Country Club. Born fourteen weeks premature, Kyle has a visual impairment and a developmental disability. His favourite things include golf, playing video games, and spending time with his friends. He loves his job at Glendale, where his positive attitude has helped him to become a valued member of the community.

“My job at Glendale, I enjoy it. It’s because, well I love golfing, for one. And I’ve gotten to know quite a bit of the members here so, by far one of the best jobs I’ve ever had.” — Kyle McDonald


Photo: Alejandra Pavez


Brodie has been working in the mailroom at Stantec for four years. Born with cerebral palsy, he was faced with great physical challenges in the first two years of his life. Brodie has overcome great odds with the love and support of his mother and twin brother. Although his job at Stantec is his first office job, his strong work ethic has made him a valued part of the team.

“It’s probably made me a little more stronger and I’ve overcome that kind of stuff in my everyday life and I’ve accepted it but also haven’t dwelled on it.” — Brodie Hamilton



Wendy is Kyle’s mother and his greatest supporter. She credits him for being her greater teacher and believes that everyone should have the opportunity to know and love Kyle.

“There are thousands of Kyle’s that are exactly the same, that are no less human than you and I, and deserve the right to be part of a community.” — Wendy McDonald



Karen is Brodie’s mother. She is very proud of her son for all that he has accomplished and overcome.

“Brodie does have an intellectual disability but he’s very high functioning and he’s capable of learning a lot of things. I think things turned out pretty good given the way he started in life.” — Karen Hamilton



Brodie’s twin brother and best friend, Blake sees Brodie as his greatest inspiration.

“There just couldn’t be a better brother to have really.” — Blake Hamilton